Photo of the Month Entry Rules

Issued January 28, 2010

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1. Purpose: Provide an opportunity for all club members to share their photos with the membership using our club website and compete for Newsletter Cover Photo recognition.

2. Theme: Photos are intended to relate to BMW motorcycling.

3. Eligibility: Any BMWDFW member in good standing is eligible to enter the contest.

4. Photographic Content Category:

Category 1) the contents of the photo shall include some recognizable portion of a BMW motorcycle or the image of a club member or both.

Category 2) the contents of the photo shall include a view of sites or events observed at some point while on a motorcycle ride. Neither club members nor motorcycles shall be in view.

In the event that no entry is received in one of the categories, the judge, at the judge’s discretion, may choose two winning photos from the entries in the other category for that month.

5. Photo Caption/Synopsis: Each photo shall be accompanied by a caption, location and date the photo was taken. A brief explanation of the photo is desired.

6. Number of Entries: An entrant may enter a maximum of two photos in each photographic category each month of the contest.

7. Photographic Format: The photograph shall be submitted in electronic digital format (jpeg is the preferred format).

8. Contest Duration: There are ten contests, January through October, each year. Each contest runs from the first day to the last day of a calendar month. There are no contests in November or December.

9. Submission of the Photo: Submit the digital photo(s) to the newsletter editor, Don Mills at email address

10. Submission Deadline: Submit photos on or before the first day of the following month. (e.g., take picture Jan 31, submit before the end of the day Feb 1 or Take photo Feb 1, submit before the end of the day Mar 1)

11. Submission Requirements for Entry Photos:

Two photos may be submitted to the newsletter editor solely as a Photo of the Month Contest entry. Note this and declare in the submission email whether the photo is being entered in category 1 or 2.

If photos are submitted to the newsletter editor in support of an article submitted to the newsletter editor these same photos are eligible to be submitted as a Photo of the Month Contest entry. However, they must be submitted separately to the newsletter editor and designated as a Photo of the Month entry. (Note: Rule 6 applies)

12. Acknowledgement and Awards:

All entries will be posted to the website on a monthly basis in a Photo of the Month Contest Album. At the end of the year all entries will be archived on the club website.

A winning photo form each category will be chosen each month from the January through October entries and published as “cover photos” in the newsletters in months February through November respectively.

The winning photos with photographer attribution will be featured on the website.

All monthly photo contest winners will automatically be entered in the Photo of the Year Contest.